Provider Services

Multicultural Patient Engagement

Language & cultural barriers make life more difficult for you and your patients.

Now you can transform the way you care for your non-English speaking patients with Booked.MD.

Booked.MD the #1 multi-lingual doctor finder! Our provider listings default to the native language preferred by your patient.

So, if you or your staff support non-English speakers, we can be sure that you’re highlighted for that skill.

Online Booking

Your patients can even book online appointments in multiple languages. So patients can benefit from the latest Internet technologies even if they don’t speak English.

Online Reviews

Your reputation is often the most important signal of quality among non-English speakers. Online is no different.

Booked.MD offers you online review capabilities in English and Spanish.

So your great reputation and can be shared among a whole new category of patients. be shared among a whole new category of patients.

New Patient Referrals

In most immigrant communities, word-of-mouth is also the most important channel for new-patient referrals.

Booked.MD includes exclusive technology, ReferralVoodoo®, so your best patients can send digital referrals to their friends and families.

And our unique tracking technology allows you to measure the results, and recognize/reward/thank those patients that send you the most new patients.

Get Listed on the #1 Bilingual Doctor Directory

Our multi-lingual doctor directory features caregivers in your community who speak your language.

You can see a complete profile including education and professional qualifications. And we supplement that information with online reviews from real patients, in your native language.