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For Patients

Navigating healthcare is difficult when a culture and language in unfamiliar. A BookedMD advocate speaks your language and can help you:

  • Get informed on coverage options
  • Help you enroll in private or public insurance
  • Help you schedule an appointment
  • Reminders ahead of time
  • Follow up on your experience
  • Review a medical bill
  • Understand a treatment plan

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Wherever you are in your care journey, we’re ready to serve you.

For Providers

Healthcare in Your Patient’s Language

Booked.MD the #1 multi-lingual doctor finder! Our featured healthcare provider listings default to the native language preferred by your patients.

And our patient advocacy services help patients overcome cultural and language barriers, so they feel more comfortable in sharing important health concerns. Which can lead to better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

If you or your staff support non-English speakers, we can be sure that you’re highlighted for that skill. Learn more…

For Enterprise

Revenue Enhancement For Your Group/System

Booked.MD helps you implement Medicare-sponsored preventative care, chronic care and remote patient monitoring services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Booked.MD Patient Advocacy & Navigation Services

Healthcare can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with chronic conditions or complex illness. But language or cultural unfamiliarity causes more than 60 million people to experience poor health outcomes. Booked.MD is designed as a service to help these patients get the access to care they need and deserve.

No. We act as a trusted intermediary between patients and caregivers. We help you navigate culture and language differences so you are more likely get the care you deserve.

No. We’re a patient advocacy service that you pay for every month.

Yes, you can pay us month-to-month or annually using a credit card.

Booked.MD works with you to help you take fullest advantage of your existing medical care resources. In some cases, we can help you find the care you need to avoid costly medical issues.

No. Never. Think of Booked.MD as an advocate with your existing doctor or clinic. We cut through language and cultural barriers, helping you explain your concerns and conditions. This helps improve communication and candor. They better your doctor understands you, the better treatment they can offer.

Yes. We have a featured doctor-finder directory that includes healthcare providers, dentists, counselors and many others. Our trained advocates can also help guide your doctor search by teach you how to use web-based tools to select a doctor for you based on your needs and situation.