Booked.MD: Multilingual/Multicultural Care Navigation and Advocacy Services 

Every day in the US, 25 million patients with limited English proficiency face this sense of helplessness & frustration. This language and cultural divide causes them to get inferior healthcare caused by:

  • Confusion about how to find a good doctor, or how to make an appointment; 
  • A failure to fully communicate their symptoms; 
  • The inability to schedule follow-up care visits or understand treatment plans.
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This gap causes patients to delay seeking care. And to experience higher rates of medical errors, costs, and worse clinical outcomes when they do. 

These problems are compounded for underinsured/uninsured/undocumented patients. And these preventable costs are borne by hospitals, charities, and other government welfare programs.

To tackle this healthcare inequality, we are building Booked.MD, the first multicultural healthcare advocacy platform.


We help vulnerable patients find a doctor that natively speaks their language.

Provider listings on the BookedMD directory are written in multiple languages, and include detailed information about the provider’s language proficiency.

We make it easy to book appointments.

 Patients can book online appointments for free, in their native language. And our booking system will integrate with many popular medical practice EHRs, existing websites and a medical practice’s Google Business profile. 

We provide quality signals and social proof.

Provider listings include online reviews from verified patients, written in the patient’s native language. Premium listings support photos, in-depth biographical and credential information.

We cater to cultural preferences. 

Many immigrant communities consider word-of-mouth from trusted friends to be far superior to traditional doctor-marketing channels. Booked.MD includes a proprietary referral marketing system, empowering satisfied patients to make trusted digital referrals to other patients via SMS, chat or email. 

We engage in multiple channels to ensure patient follow-up.

Booked.MD will also offer value-added services to improve patient compliance and treatment follow-through.

Advocacy: The Missing Ingredient

  • Booked.MD care advocacy services to help patients schedule medical appointments and handle post-visit questions. We also direct patients to available community resources such as low-cost transportation, prescriptions and home health aides.
  • Booked.MD generates automated email and/or SMS confirmation and reminders for upcoming medical appointments; 
  • Booked.MD care navigartors conduct a guided review of medical bills and post-visit treatment instructions, in the patient’s native language.
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